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Thank you for your interest in our highly successful programs! Included herein is the basic ‘package’ of my services, none of which actually talks about the ‘how’ of it all. The how is involved and comes under customized programs, so I’ll just share an idea of it, and then you can decide on your interest in pursuing.

With almost thirty three years of experience, and nearly twenty five of that studying the top producers and the top offices throughout the country, even helping to develop many of them, Perm, Temp and Contract Services, I have a good handle on what works and why. In the meantime, THE PEAC SYSTEM® has evolved into one of the best overall concepts in selection, training and management consulting available today. As you are probably aware, combining talented skills development with communication concepts creates a far stronger training program, and much more highly productive people than most programs can provide. The following discussions are but a part of this overall concept.


The most important thing you can do, usually in the first month or two, is to get your new consultant into a strong training program. Our online training is one on one, or at most, one on two, and is full of information, practice, role play, along with tips and tricks gathered over the years.  It runs two hours per day, 8:00-10:00 am eastern time, or, sometimes, adjusted for your needs, but within business hours, eastern. The individual will be far stronger than the one who has to figure it out, or who works from a packaged training program. Even remote 'live' is one of the best things going because it works!


As above, for most experienced consultants lack the tips and tricks phase of the business. Hence, so many are going through the motions, or missing opportunities. This happens so many times on our Case Studies© program, where people with five, ten, even twenty years miss the chance to be highly productive, because somebody else missed the proper training for them. Though the results may not be dramatic, many of our clients are content with ‘some’ improvement, which can equate to thousands of dollars of new revenue, and run this program on an annual ‘touchup’ basis. Again, the program length is  two hours per day, five days. Usually 8:00am- 10:00am eastern time, but can be adjusted, as long as we stay within eastern business hours.


The discipline (accounting, IT, sales, engineering, technical, office support- whatever) does not matter. The ‘system’ fits across the board, very well. Keep in mind that one shot, even one week, won’t necessarily do it, not without a lot of reinforcement on your part. If at all possible, the new consultant should be paired with either another new one, so they can role-play, or with a more seasoned consultant or even a manager, so that reinforcement continues long after the program. Clients most successful in taking my material to the next level on their own were, for the most part, non-producing managers, with plenty of free time for training and development. But time management, and using it well to avoid cutting out productive phone time can work, just as well for the producing manager. Reinforcement means less repeat programs. And tapes and outside seminars are basically a waste of time, because, if the consultant isn’t buying in, the trainer/speaker will never know. I prefer one on one, or maybe two, type training, where the nuances of the exchange of information are apparent. My process is online and on the phone sharing, lecture and lab, and few get away with trying to duck the program.



$3,500 up to two students. A manager can sit in to audit, but headsets are REQUIRED for each member for your phone system.

Five two hour sessions, Monday through Friday. Training focuses on accountability, time management and recruiting OR marketing (all sales) dependent on your needs. Only one area is covered in this one week time frame, either recruiting or sales. For the official three part program, I recommend recruiting first, as the individual can go out and learn without costing you clients in error. This first month is primarily to establish a work ethic, build an inventory (clients and candidates/applicants, depending on the consultant’s function), while learning all about what makes a great candidate and why. They also learn how to measure and manage their own performance, which will make your life easier. All skills should come up, depending on how long you, as manager, push for the role-playing sessions and the accountability. Additional time optional for management discussion only, billed in fifteen minute increments, $250 per hour.

PHASE II (Five to eight weeks out) (Ten hours)

$3,500 (discount available) up to two students. A manager level can sit in to audit, but headsets are REQUIRED for your phone system.

This phase is a follow up training program to reset a consultant’s head toward the program. Five days, two hours each, as before, same terms. People, being people, will have wandered, by now, and reinforcement is required to seek the best retention. Even, believe it or not, management and mentors. Consultants are role-played to re-establish standards for quality performance, handling objections, down stream selling and the like. If the individual is running a full desk, focus now is on sales, and, once again, two people can be involved, but one should be a senior sales, or a Manager.  Additional time optional for management discussion only, billed in fifteen minute increments, $250 per hour.

PHASE III (Another four to eight weeks out) (Ten hours)

$3,500 (disc. available) up to two students. A manager can sit in to audit, but headsets are REQUIRED for your phone system.

This is the final follow up training class required to reinforce previous technique (retrieve the normal slipping retention rate), readjust the thinking to Closing. Five days, two hours each, as before, same terms. The consultant(s) are practiced with role-playing and what-if’s until they are conversant in handling the myriad ways a deal can slide apart. Follow up to management for ideas and consistency. The consultants, at the end of this third period, should be capable of the doing the steps discussed in the following section.

RESULTS-LEARNED TASKS- Perm, Temp or Contract

1. Doing well at their respective function, marketing, recruiting or staffing.
2. Managing their goals, their productivity, and their activity themselves.
3. Generating the base line for any activity, inventory- Feeding the database.
4. Bringing both parties together with a reasonable ‘plan’ for placement.
5. Handling higher level objections.
6. Down stream selling the deal.
7. Building relationship clients-both sides.
8. Closing with skill, confidence, and sometimes, imagination!


Well, in any case, here is a basic overview of my training. As indicated earlier, this is somewhat adaptable to fit your environment. Lots of information, but a valid proposal. Two points are important to note. One is that, in order to secure the time,  you pay for each phase per our contract, well in advance.  Email me to discuss the situation, or feel free to call (813) 634-5404.

You should keep in mind that I book out about six to eight weeks, which leaves only a few slots each quarter. You will want to move quickly if you need me in anytime soon. For now, this should create some more questions...


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