If you are printing out the brochure as a handout for a seminar, use the following instuctions. With this group, be sure to set your printer to color, to print all background objects, and then set landscape.

The two pages that are available can be printed one of two ways:

                     1. Print a 'current page' one side on 24# paper or higher to avoid bleed-through. Use white or some other light color, keeping in mind that print for the brochure is in dark blue to light blue. So, no blue paper, then.... right?

                      2. Turn the newly printed paper over so that the top of the page is still to the right or left, as it came out, but the paper is now aligned upside down or reversed, according to your printer, so that it can be printed on with the second side. Print that second page. Do one,  only on regular paper to be sure of your orientation, then you can do multiples as needed.  

Tri-fold so that the world clip-art is shown on the front outside cover. The final third folds up in under that, as a standard brochure. You now have one complete brochure, ready to be handed out. Repeat for as many times as you need. If you need more than twenty, it is usually more effective to use a color copier and simply make copies of the one flyer, front and back on heavy paper.